2018: New year, same me

Once again, the year rolls around to the holidays and you are busy focusing on figuring out plans with the family, ending out your Q4 at work, and thinking of how you can’t wait for this year to be over so you can have a fresh start. You wonder, looking back at the year… did you even fulfill your year with those new year resolutions? Probably not. But now this year can give you a fresh start right? Give you a fresh start with having a healthy lifestyle, work, your goals, and relationships. How is this year going to be different? At 11:55pm on December 31st, every year across the world people count down the minutes going into a new year. Your past year flashes before your eyes thinking of the good memories, and the bad. Thinking how you are going to go into this new year filled with happiness and optimism and you can’t wait to start it. Then the next day when you wake up it’s January 1st. Thinking of all of those new year resolutions that you made in your head that you are going to tackle and accomplish.. but you think well maybe I’ll start them tomorrow. Then February roles around and you still haven’t started your resolutions. Is it a hall pass were you get to skip the first two months of the year and just maybe wait until summer to start them? Well by that time my friends, it’s already half way into the year and you’ve counted on your excuses to get you past reality.

Why do we all have this false sense of hope that we are going to be able to start these accomplishments and goals whenever we want? We are taking advantage of time that isn’t guaranteed to any of us. Everyday makes such a difference. Say hello to a stranger on the street because you know what, that can make their entire day better because you don’t know what they are going through. Did you have that resolution to find love this year? Find it with someone that might have always been in your life but you never got the chance or never got around to telling them how you feel? Well why don’t you tell that person because one day you might not have that chance. They might find someone else before they got the chance to be able to fall in love with you. What is their to lose? The only thing in life right now that you’re losing is time. Time is the essence to life.

So what I’m trying to tell you is that yes I told myself I’m gonna start working out come this year and guess what I still haven’t. But there are other things that I have forced myself into doing, said I would change, and nothing has felt better. You don’t need a new year for a fresh start. You just need a new minute, a new hour, a new day to change all of that. Time is now, not next year. Change what isn’t making you happy, be with someone who will and can make you the happiest, and let go to what isn’t worthy of your time because you are worthy of more.

Live stronger, think smarter, love harder, and fear nothing. This is YOUR year, this is YOUR day, this is YOUR hour to make things change. Don’t fuck it up.


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