The one who potentially got away

There’s this life changing decision you have to make before you regret everything that lead up to that moment. This decision you have to make that will either lead you into this direction of knowing it was the right decision to make and you live happily ever after, or the decision to never say anything and forever thinking about what it could have been. What it was supposed to be. You meet hundreds of people in your life that were meant to cross paths with you. Some are meant to be there for a little, some are meant to be there for a while, and one person is meant to be there forever. The hardest part is the forever. What if you met that forever but you potentially let them get away?

Why do I say potentially? Because you still have that one little slight chance to make sure they don’t get away, because that is your soul mate, your forever. It doesn’t matter how long you know this person, it can be years, months, or one day. When you make an instant connection with someone that is something special. Time doesn’t exist because when there’s that person that gives you a feeling like no one has ever had before that’s something to hold on to. That’s something worth fighting for. The problem is you’ll never know if they feel the same. But there’s only one way to find out, and that’s the decision you have to make to either tell them how you feel or never say anything and let them end up with the wrong person.

Is everyone too scared to takes risks, to live in the moment, to live like there’s no tomorrow? I think people are used to comfort, and they are scared of the unexpected. There’s never a right time for two people to fall in love, it just happens. When that happens you embrace it. And if you don’t then that is the potential of the one who will get away. Love is a scary thing but it’s incredible. It makes you feel like anything is possible, but rejection is scary. It makes you feel like everything can be taken away from you before you blink your eyes. I think you’re meant to be with the one who you never planned it to be with, someone who you first talk to and they give you instant butterflies.

So ironically you have to take that risk to tell them how you feel so it can lead to everything you hoped for and more, or you take that risk to never say anything and lose that person who could have been your forever.

Only time will tell, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

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