Till’ death do us part

While I sit here and think of the first right thing to say to message those guys I matched with on bumble I come across a question in my head to ask. Bumble for those who may not know is a dating app. With this specific dating app the girl has to message first in order for the guy to be able to message her- feminism with the irony of a guy creating the app I presume. Anyways, the question I found intriguing to ask is “If you had one week to live, what would you do for the rest of your life?” So pondering on this question I start to question myself with it. What would I do? What if this was my last week right now to live without knowing it, would I be satisfied with what I have accomplished, or what I just did for the past eight hours? Which consisted of me hanging out with my dog, cleaning my room, eating, swiping on bumble, and watching tv. The answer is WHAT AM I REALLY DOING WITH MY LIFE?

Am I on this high horse of perception that I am going to find the love of my life within the next five minutes of swiping on guys more so for their looks? Probably so. Thinking back now I regret not going up to that guy I saw in person because it was so intimidating. Or not giving that guy a chance because I was so caught up with the last who ended up being a f*** boy. My point behind all of this ramble and nonsense is that what are we all doing really. Are we living life like it’s our last day? Are we making sacrifices or making moves that we would dare never to give a try? I say hell with it, make every day, every week like it’s your last. What’s their to lose? What are we waiting at the end of this thing called life anyways. Let’s grab that random person in the middle of the bar and kiss them. Yes you might get slapped, OR you might not be rejected and that could be the first last kiss you give someone because that could be your soul mate.

DID YOU KNOW- Guys think like girls are girls think like guys. We all are scared to say the wrong thing, to make the wrong move, to regret not living in the moment. So why don’t we all live the same opposite and take risks, and be spontaneous because in the end what the hell matters. Life is life and regardless it’s going to pass you by rather you’re happy with what you’re doing or not. Even aside from all of that cheesy romance bullshit think of yourself. Take that vacation you said you were going to take five years ago but your excuse still is you don’t have the time or money to do so. Everyday pick up a shirt off of your bedroom floor because before you know it your room will actually be clean from the little steps you took to get there. Every morning should start with motivation and end with satisfaction.

Stop. Think. Listen.

My last and final question to you is….

If you had one week to live, what would you do for the rest of your life?

Start now.


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