Stop. Think. Listen. 

You get older you lose more insight. What I mean by that is people lose insight on reality. Not the reality of adulthood, money, job, but the insight on what reality could be. It should be how we thought when we were little- dreams can come true, love is real, and time is endless. Yes it is possible to feel in love like nothing else matters, actually feeling happy about walking into work everyday and loving it, or the simple reminder that waking up everyday is a reminder that you have another day to change what makes you uphappy.

Time is a false perception of reality. You have to be at work at eight am and you’re running five minutes behind causing more stress before you even get into work. Stop in your fast tracks and take in your surroundings, life, people, and time. You only get so much of it so endure, embrace, and accept it. You can’t make anyone else happy until you make yourself happy first. 

Remember that anything is possible, remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be an astronaut when you grow up? Do it. Remember when you had that best friend that you can count on for everything and anything? Find them. Remember when you had that one boyfriend or girlfriend that made it feel like time made you stand still and you forgot about everything else? Find that person for you. 

 Don’t fight what life throws at you, embrace it, challenge it. Because the one thing everyone fears to do is sit there thirty years down the road and think back to when they were younger and remember when anything was possible but now feeling stuck. Feeling like you can’t change it because you don’t have enough time. Guess what, time stops when you’re dead not when you’re twenty-five, thirty-eight, sixty-two, or ninety-three. There’s ALWAYS time to change time. 

Your future relies on your present, and you don’t want to look back and regret any of your past. Remember the simple joys of life and embrace it. 

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