It’s to the final week of finals..

What better way to avoid studying and doing work for finals than to write a post about ways to avoid procrastinating, ironic right? The stress on the end of the semester is inevitable. You reflect back and think what you should of done different to earn a better grade, and how to cram a whole semester worth of studying into nights just before finals. I’ll admit i’m the big suck when it comes to studying. I find every excuse and way to distract myself from consuming my time into something productive. Instead I like to waste hours on Pinterest pinning pins I’ll never look back at, watch Facebook videos that have no meaning, and search through Spotify to find the perfect song to get me to concentrate to even though i’m already being distracted by the endless playlists of songs. We damn sure know we don’t want to waste our weekends studying, so instead we lose sight of reality in mixed drinks and cheap beer. After a Saturday night of drunk dancing and endless memories, the sunday feels consist of a shitty hangover and a big burden on your shoulders of cracking down to the horrific week of finals.

Step 1-Overcome Denial:

Everyone is in denial that the semester has already come down to the last couple of weeks. You thought you had more time to get everything you pushed to the side down but you don’t. E-mailing your teachers trying to persuade them for more extra credit, or more time to turn in a project. To get one step closer to being prepared for finals you first need to accept that you screwed up, and you need to bite the bullet and get your work done. No matter how many sleepless nights, and stressed out days you have adding up to it, it’s worth it. Now you can move to the next step and start preparing yourself for the last steps of success.

Step 2-Challenge your stress:

What’s even worse than stressing about finals? Stressing about stressing over finals. The only thing that is holding you back from being successful and feeling prepared for finals is a semi mental break down that you just have too much to cram in before you finish out the semester. If you can figure out a way to challenge yourself into using your stress for positive energy then you will have a better rate in remembering everything you studied, and being able to get assignments done. Don’t look at everything as a whole. Break it down by concentrating on getting one thing done at a time, studying on one section at a time, and giving yourself the motivation to be able to do it. Here’s my saying that I think of when i’m stressed; “Stressed, a mess, insanely can’t give my mind a rest. Prioritize, redirect, and then reflect on what’s next the best.” Don’t push your stress to the side, instead accept it and be able to redirect it to the successful agenda you will plan to be able to nail these finals.

Step 3-Celebrate your mistakes:

In school you either fail or you pass. You might barely pass, and that is either good enough for you or not at all what you were looking to do. So instead of putting yourself  down about how you ended the semester learn that there is always a next time. A next time to be able to never make the same mistakes that you made the previous semester. Being able to know how to prepare for a whole semester in syllabus week, and write down everything you wanted to do different. Even if you aced the semester, no one is perfect and you could of always done something different to make a little more success in your accomplishments.

Testing and grades don’t determine the type of person you are; it’s the hard work, the dedication, and the acceptance of your mistakes that reflect on you as a whole. Failing is a success, because it would of taken you a damn effort to fail a whole class rather than succeed. The type of way you study, the effort you want to make to succeed, and the dedication you put into a semester is what adds up to you being able to earn that piece of paper at the end that makes you feel no longer stressed, empty, and all of those finals worth it. So I hope you either get something out of this and it helps you finish off your ending of the semester, or it was a damn good post to distract you from the studying and give you a break.

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