The stylish ways of living twenty-something

Every year of being twenty something are the best years of our lives (as people express). Those are the years were you discover who you are becoming, starting college, becoming the legal age to drink, for most finding the love of your life, and starting a family. Being twenty-something has become a style. It has become the years of life where anyone in the twenties can relate to what you are experiencing. One night stands, relationships, break ups, working full time, going to school, really anything and everything. These are the most crucial years of life.

For myself I am twenty three years old. I’ve began to realize how sad it is that being twenty-something is the best years our lives, yet we are fading them away because of our worries, and growing up too fast.

1. College

College for most can be the best or worst years. Meeting life long friends, having endless memories, and finally knowing what you want to be for the rest of your life. When it comes to us being twenty-something and college being in the same sentence, you think of partying and being a broke college student. For the average student you are in college for four years, that’s almost half of your twenties (depending when you start and finish college). It has become a trend that when people talk about college they talk about how broke they are, the struggles of school work, and how much they are going to drink the upcoming week. In your twenties, college is the most memorable experience one can gain.

Think about this- think of the education you are lucky enough to gain and achieve in your four years, think of how you accomplished something that not every twenty-something year old will ever have a chance to do, and think of how far you will get after college by gaining this experience. College is always going to be hard, you personally can’t change that. So instead of stressing out your next four years while they pass you by, you should endure them and challenge your stress to be a positive motive. Think about it this way… this is the LAST time in your life you will gain as much knowledge as you are. Why not love every moment of it, even the hard ones. The style of college is remembering the knowledge for your career, and then of course the social experience of meeting life time friends and countless memories.

2. Sex, love, and heartbreak 

Everyone experiences the pressure of trying to find “the one” in their twenty somethings. No matter if it’s from seeing friends on facebook you went to highschool with getting engaged, or your group of friends starting to slowly find that person, and you becoming the odd wheel before you even know it. Everyone has that hard break up that will be the one thing that keeps their guard up from the next relationship, or rushing into a relationship because you don’t want to be alone anymore. Searching for “the one” only leads to one thing. It’s wasting time for yourself being in your twenties and finding who you are.

You can’t be happy with someone until you are happy with yourself. If you need to sleep around with people to get it out of your system to finally settle down then so be it. Better than cheating on one that loved you. If you need to break up with someone because you need time for yourself to figure out what you really want, then do it. Better than leading them on and having an unhappy relationship. Everyone in their twenty somethings experience the random one night stands from meeting someone in a bar, the new style of online dating with Tinder/Bumble, or becoming an old married couple with your loved one before you’re even married.

The style of feeling pressured of finding someone in your twenties is inevitable. Don’t waste your years trying to find someone, instead live life to your fullest and wait for that person to show up unexpectedly, because sometimes that’s the best way to find love.

3. Working to live 

Before we even start our careers in life we are working full time to support that dream. Working forty hours a week, or for some even more is just the style of being twenty something. As I mentioned in a previous blog post I posted, I quit my full time job a few months ago. I realized that my years of life where I should be traveling, going out, trying new things are ending before they even were started. No one should work in their twenty somethings and not being able to experience what you should be- living young. You have to find a balance and know what YOU want your priority to be in life is. If you want to work to save money for the future then go for it. If you’re going to be that person that is going to regret all of those memories that you never got to capture then stop what you are doing- ADULTING, and go live life before it passes you by.

So that stylish trend of being twenty-something is only becoming a thing that everyone is experiencing in society. Know what you want, know who you are looking for, and live everyday knowing that being twenty-something is going to be the best, hardest, most changed years of your life, and you need remember to take a step back and open up your eyes to the world before you can take three steps forward. The Daily post