Being a tourist in my own city

I can proudly say that I was born and raised in the suburbs right out from Chicago. No- I am not saying I was born and raised in Chicago. Although I can say I consider myself a city girl. I have the whole trendsetting urban look going, with the middle finger up in the sky driving thing down. Usually going to the city at least a few times a week. Everytime I drive to the city I am smiling. It doesn’t get better than rolling down your windows, blasting your music, and slowly having the city arising in your view up ahead. Once I enter the city, every time, i’m in complete ah.

You have all of the buildings surrounding you, nothing can beat that view. You see people walking the streets with their ear buds in, business suits on, yet everyone in the city seems to be so happy, so content. Walking down the street you feel as if you know these people, but it’s just because we all share one thing in common, the love for this city. The runners you see along lake shore enjoying the weather every chance they can get, and of course seeing the beach filled in the summer time is always exciting to see. The vibe in the city just brushes off on you, and for some reason everything seems so possible. I become more optimistic than ever before about being able accomplish anything I put my mind to. Why is it, that all I need is a beautiful city with endless views to give me such a widespread of determination?

Every time I drive into the city I take a picture of the skyline of buildings, on lake shore I take a picture of the trump tower in between all the buildings across from the bridge, and the lake with the beautiful sky above it. Everyone driving around me probably thinks it’s the first time seeing Chicago, and I’m a tourist trying to capture every inch of it. No matter how many times I drive to Chicago, it will never get old and I will never get sick of it. I can never take enough pictures, and I can never experience enough. Everytime is a different feeling, experience, reaction, and dedication to this city. It’s a home away from a home; and for what it’s worth, I am a tourist in my own city doing tourist things with Chicago being the closest city to my heart, and the furthest thing from being anything but my home.