Don’t be “basic”

Every day I wake up and I ask myself, what is today going to bring me that makes yesterday any different? The past couple of months I really have been questioning my capabilities in life. Am I truly living life to the fullest, am I settling for less, or what do I need to gain in my life to make me realize I can strive for more? Being twenty-two with a mid-life crisis is certainly not what I’m going through; hell I haven’t even lived old enough to experience that yet. But who is to say that having that “crisis” is suppose to happen when you have your life together, and all the sudden realize you weren’t able to accomplish everything you put on your bucket list? That is saying you have lived your whole life settling because you were too comfortable, and you didn’t hit your highest potential to happiness; that highest potential to living.

Well for me, I don’t want to wait until I’m in my mid fifties realizing that I have regretted half of the decisions I have made in life because I took the easy way out. So yes, I am having a young life crisis which I think is the best possible thing that could happen right now being this age. Having that moment realizing that your time is now, to be able to make sure you accomplish everything you want to do, can be the turn for your life. Just because you get married doesn’t mean you have to settle for a mediocre career that isn’t anything that you ever wanted to do. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you have to only take vacations to Wisconsin Dells and pretend like you’re having the time of your life. No one said you have a guaranteed a full life to be able to accomplish everything you want to do before it’s over. You’re not suppose to wait to turn a certain age to do the so called “age appropriate” things you want to do.

This “crisis” is the opportunity to take that so called bucket list you have written down that you say you are going to do, but twenty years later only have crossed off one thing because it just happened to come across in your life. If you are in a relationship or married don’t be that couple who is too comfortable in life. This is the time to push each other to your highest potential of happiness and experience it with each other or what individually makes you who you are. If you are single, this is your time to figure yourself out. Go out there, express yourself, take chances of doing something you would of never thought twice to do. Be that person that has the inspiration to inspire yourself. You can’t inspire others, you can’t love others, you can’t be happy until you are happy, and in love with yourself first.

Once you have crossed that line of realizing you can do more than just wake up and think of it being just “another day”, that will be the day that you realize it is going to be first day of everyday, being a new day, with different opportunities.

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