The butterfly effect.

Everyday is a busy day, no matter if you have an early start to get to work and you’re running late impatiently sitting in traffic, or while you’re last minute studying for an exam you have right before you walk to class. Suddenly through your busy day something stops you. It stops you for one minute, and you forget about it all. You see this butterfly that suddenly you cross paths with in this slow motion of fast movement. Then you realize this delicate little butterfly is so simple and free flowing, and you don’t ever want to see it disappear. It makes your world stop instantly, and it seems to be the only thing that matters in that moment of time. You realize you never want to stop having that lightweight feeling of happiness, and effortless feeling of love towards that butterfly. You go on with your life and forget about that butterfly, and never will cross paths with it again.

Once again you have this busy life you’re living, on the go every single second of the day. So determined to accomplish what you have already had the mind set of doing before you have hit your second snooze button on your alarm. Daily routines you work into your school, work, and somewhat of a personal life you try to live. This time something different stops you. This thing that has stopped you in your pathway of accomplishing your normal routines, but it isn’t something that you want to pass you by. You’re intrigued because this thing that just stopped you in your motion, is the only thing you see in your world. It’s like time has stopped in this very moment to let you know that this thing is not just going to fly pass you and you can just go on with your day. This thing you just came across is this one person. This one person has now crossed paths with you, and you’re realizing that you’re starting to get this feeling in your stomach we call butterflies.

This feeling that you’re getting in your stomach that is making you feel so confused and crazy yet you want to feel more. You realize that this person you are getting to know, letting in your path, making you stop your day to day routines, and make you slow down time before time passes you is not going away. This person didn’t just disappear in front of your eyes like that butterfly did. The feeling you’re getting every time you see this person is so simple, and so delicate yet making you feel so vulnerable to keep wanting more.

Getting that butterfly feeling every time you see that person, think about that person, or talk about that person is the most beautiful thing you can ever feel. Those are the butterflies you never want to lose, and want to feel every single time. When you realize that you never have felt them in the past before, you suddenly feel that light weight feeling of happiness, and effortless feeling of love. You’re not sure if it’s love or if it’s just this feeling where you can’t get yourself to be open with this person and feel comfortable.

If you feel the butterflies every single time even weeks, months, or years with that person, you have gained something. You have gained the most powerful yet delicate feeling you can ever experience towards another person. It’s not that you’re uncomfortable and can’t open up, it’s that you have finally found the one. You have found the one before you even knew it. Before you knew this was the last first day of meeting that person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. Those butterflies are never going away, and that person isn’t either.

Life is the most complicated simple thing every person will experience. Hopefully you can experience the two butterfly effects once in your life, that’s all you need. If you do get to experience both, don’t let them pass you by. Stop your day for the butterfly that flies by you, and appreciate how beautiful life can be. Then stop for that person, and accept and appreciate that person who wants to experience how beautiful life can be together.

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