2018: New year, same me

Once again, the year rolls around to the holidays and you are busy focusing on figuring out plans with the family, ending out your Q4 at work, and thinking of how you can’t wait for this year to be over so you can have a fresh start. You wonder, looking back at the year… did you even fulfill your year with those new year resolutions? Probably not. But now this year can give you a fresh start right? Give you a fresh start with having a healthy lifestyle, work, your goals, and relationships. How is this year going to be different? At 11:55pm on December 31st, every year across the world people count down the minutes going into a new year. Your past year flashes before your eyes thinking of the good memories, and the bad. Thinking how you are going to go into this new year filled with happiness and optimism and you can’t wait to start it. Then the next day when you wake up it’s January 1st. Thinking of all of those new year resolutions that you made in your head that you are going to tackle and accomplish.. but you think well maybe I’ll start them tomorrow. Then February roles around and you still haven’t started your resolutions. Is it a hall pass were you get to skip the first two months of the year and just maybe wait until summer to start them? Well by that time my friends, it’s already half way into the year and you’ve counted on your excuses to get you past reality.

Why do we all have this false sense of hope that we are going to be able to start these accomplishments and goals whenever we want? We are taking advantage of time that isn’t guaranteed to any of us. Everyday makes such a difference. Say hello to a stranger on the street because you know what, that can make their entire day better because you don’t know what they are going through. Did you have that resolution to find love this year? Find it with someone that might have always been in your life but you never got the chance or never got around to telling them how you feel? Well why don’t you tell that person because one day you might not have that chance. They might find someone else before they got the chance to be able to fall in love with you. What is their to lose? The only thing in life right now that you’re losing is time. Time is the essence to life.

So what I’m trying to tell you is that yes I told myself I’m gonna start working out come this year and guess what I still haven’t. But there are other things that I have forced myself into doing, said I would change, and nothing has felt better. You don’t need a new year for a fresh start. You just need a new minute, a new hour, a new day to change all of that. Time is now, not next year. Change what isn’t making you happy, be with someone who will and can make you the happiest, and let go to what isn’t worthy of your time because you are worthy of more.

Live stronger, think smarter, love harder, and fear nothing. This is YOUR year, this is YOUR day, this is YOUR hour to make things change. Don’t fuck it up.


The one who potentially got away

There’s this life changing decision you have to make before you regret everything that lead up to that moment. This decision you have to make that will either lead you into this direction of knowing it was the right decision to make and you live happily ever after, or the decision to never say anything and forever thinking about what it could have been. What it was supposed to be. You meet hundreds of people in your life that were meant to cross paths with you. Some are meant to be there for a little, some are meant to be there for a while, and one person is meant to be there forever. The hardest part is the forever. What if you met that forever but you potentially let them get away?

Why do I say potentially? Because you still have that one little slight chance to make sure they don’t get away, because that is your soul mate, your forever. It doesn’t matter how long you know this person, it can be years, months, or one day. When you make an instant connection with someone that is something special. Time doesn’t exist because when there’s that person that gives you a feeling like no one has ever had before that’s something to hold on to. That’s something worth fighting for. The problem is you’ll never know if they feel the same. But there’s only one way to find out, and that’s the decision you have to make to either tell them how you feel or never say anything and let them end up with the wrong person.

Is everyone too scared to takes risks, to live in the moment, to live like there’s no tomorrow? I think people are used to comfort, and they are scared of the unexpected. There’s never a right time for two people to fall in love, it just happens. When that happens you embrace it. And if you don’t then that is the potential of the one who will get away. Love is a scary thing but it’s incredible. It makes you feel like anything is possible, but rejection is scary. It makes you feel like everything can be taken away from you before you blink your eyes. I think you’re meant to be with the one who you never planned it to be with, someone who you first talk to and they give you instant butterflies.

So ironically you have to take that risk to tell them how you feel so it can lead to everything you hoped for and more, or you take that risk to never say anything and lose that person who could have been your forever.

Only time will tell, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

Till’ death do us part

While I sit here and think of the first right thing to say to message those guys I matched with on bumble I come across a question in my head to ask. Bumble for those who may not know is a dating app. With this specific dating app the girl has to message first in order for the guy to be able to message her- feminism with the irony of a guy creating the app I presume. Anyways, the question I found intriguing to ask is “If you had one week to live, what would you do for the rest of your life?” So pondering on this question I start to question myself with it. What would I do? What if this was my last week right now to live without knowing it, would I be satisfied with what I have accomplished, or what I just did for the past eight hours? Which consisted of me hanging out with my dog, cleaning my room, eating, swiping on bumble, and watching tv. The answer is WHAT AM I REALLY DOING WITH MY LIFE?

Am I on this high horse of perception that I am going to find the love of my life within the next five minutes of swiping on guys more so for their looks? Probably so. Thinking back now I regret not going up to that guy I saw in person because it was so intimidating. Or not giving that guy a chance because I was so caught up with the last who ended up being a f*** boy. My point behind all of this ramble and nonsense is that what are we all doing really. Are we living life like it’s our last day? Are we making sacrifices or making moves that we would dare never to give a try? I say hell with it, make every day, every week like it’s your last. What’s their to lose? What are we waiting at the end of this thing called life anyways. Let’s grab that random person in the middle of the bar and kiss them. Yes you might get slapped, OR you might not be rejected and that could be the first last kiss you give someone because that could be your soul mate.

DID YOU KNOW- Guys think like girls are girls think like guys. We all are scared to say the wrong thing, to make the wrong move, to regret not living in the moment. So why don’t we all live the same opposite and take risks, and be spontaneous because in the end what the hell matters. Life is life and regardless it’s going to pass you by rather you’re happy with what you’re doing or not. Even aside from all of that cheesy romance bullshit think of yourself. Take that vacation you said you were going to take five years ago but your excuse still is you don’t have the time or money to do so. Everyday pick up a shirt off of your bedroom floor because before you know it your room will actually be clean from the little steps you took to get there. Every morning should start with motivation and end with satisfaction.

Stop. Think. Listen.

My last and final question to you is….

If you had one week to live, what would you do for the rest of your life?

Start now.


Stop. Think. Listen. 

You get older you lose more insight. What I mean by that is people lose insight on reality. Not the reality of adulthood, money, job, but the insight on what reality could be. It should be how we thought when we were little- dreams can come true, love is real, and time is endless. Yes it is possible to feel in love like nothing else matters, actually feeling happy about walking into work everyday and loving it, or the simple reminder that waking up everyday is a reminder that you have another day to change what makes you uphappy.

Time is a false perception of reality. You have to be at work at eight am and you’re running five minutes behind causing more stress before you even get into work. Stop in your fast tracks and take in your surroundings, life, people, and time. You only get so much of it so endure, embrace, and accept it. You can’t make anyone else happy until you make yourself happy first. 

Remember that anything is possible, remember when you were a kid and you wanted to be an astronaut when you grow up? Do it. Remember when you had that best friend that you can count on for everything and anything? Find them. Remember when you had that one boyfriend or girlfriend that made it feel like time made you stand still and you forgot about everything else? Find that person for you. 

 Don’t fight what life throws at you, embrace it, challenge it. Because the one thing everyone fears to do is sit there thirty years down the road and think back to when they were younger and remember when anything was possible but now feeling stuck. Feeling like you can’t change it because you don’t have enough time. Guess what, time stops when you’re dead not when you’re twenty-five, thirty-eight, sixty-two, or ninety-three. There’s ALWAYS time to change time. 

Your future relies on your present, and you don’t want to look back and regret any of your past. Remember the simple joys of life and embrace it. 

To my future students…

I’m not a teacher yet, but I will be soon. I wanted to share a poem I wrote to being a future educator. To show everyone that teachers are passionate about what they do, they were made to do what they love, and not do it because it’s just a job.

“Some Teachers do not just teach”

Your first day of class is my first day too, everything you’re nervous about I am nervous too.

Let me show you that I can do more than just teach; I will show you more than just standing there saying a boring speech.

Together lets count and shout, and let me show you what I’m all about.

You might be scared, but I promise you I will always be there.

There to show you what’s right and to show you what’s wrong, I promise sitting in class won’t feel too long.

You might love to learn your letters, but I will do everything in my power to make math way better.

I’m not going to just teach you so you can move on to the next grade, I am going to show you what it feels like to accomplish everything with an A.

But it’s not just a good grade I’m going to make you accomplish; it’s going to be way more than just what you wished.

I’m going to show you what it feels like to fly, being able to never question why.

To grow strong and independent, humble and kind, being able to always use every bit of your time.

By the end of the year I want to watch you grow fully, and be able to be the one who stops the bully.

So listen up to my future students, with me by your side you won’t have to hide. Hide the doubts of failing, and the feeling of bailing.

We are going to rock this school year out like it’s the fourth of July, and make it so memorable you’ll miss saying goodbye.

So to my future students who I can’t wait to meet, just know it’s going to be one step at a time with your feet.

We will have good days and bad, but no matter what no one will be sad, because I will be here to direct you with all the right gears.

When summer ends, you’ll be sad they’re no more pools, but now I’m going to show you why school is so cool.

It’s to the final week of finals..

What better way to avoid studying and doing work for finals than to write a post about ways to avoid procrastinating, ironic right? The stress on the end of the semester is inevitable. You reflect …

Source: It’s to the final week of finals..

It’s to the final week of finals..

What better way to avoid studying and doing work for finals than to write a post about ways to avoid procrastinating, ironic right? The stress on the end of the semester is inevitable. You reflect back and think what you should of done different to earn a better grade, and how to cram a whole semester worth of studying into nights just before finals. I’ll admit i’m the big suck when it comes to studying. I find every excuse and way to distract myself from consuming my time into something productive. Instead I like to waste hours on Pinterest pinning pins I’ll never look back at, watch Facebook videos that have no meaning, and search through Spotify to find the perfect song to get me to concentrate to even though i’m already being distracted by the endless playlists of songs. We damn sure know we don’t want to waste our weekends studying, so instead we lose sight of reality in mixed drinks and cheap beer. After a Saturday night of drunk dancing and endless memories, the sunday feels consist of a shitty hangover and a big burden on your shoulders of cracking down to the horrific week of finals.

Step 1-Overcome Denial:

Everyone is in denial that the semester has already come down to the last couple of weeks. You thought you had more time to get everything you pushed to the side down but you don’t. E-mailing your teachers trying to persuade them for more extra credit, or more time to turn in a project. To get one step closer to being prepared for finals you first need to accept that you screwed up, and you need to bite the bullet and get your work done. No matter how many sleepless nights, and stressed out days you have adding up to it, it’s worth it. Now you can move to the next step and start preparing yourself for the last steps of success.

Step 2-Challenge your stress:

What’s even worse than stressing about finals? Stressing about stressing over finals. The only thing that is holding you back from being successful and feeling prepared for finals is a semi mental break down that you just have too much to cram in before you finish out the semester. If you can figure out a way to challenge yourself into using your stress for positive energy then you will have a better rate in remembering everything you studied, and being able to get assignments done. Don’t look at everything as a whole. Break it down by concentrating on getting one thing done at a time, studying on one section at a time, and giving yourself the motivation to be able to do it. Here’s my saying that I think of when i’m stressed; “Stressed, a mess, insanely can’t give my mind a rest. Prioritize, redirect, and then reflect on what’s next the best.” Don’t push your stress to the side, instead accept it and be able to redirect it to the successful agenda you will plan to be able to nail these finals.

Step 3-Celebrate your mistakes:

In school you either fail or you pass. You might barely pass, and that is either good enough for you or not at all what you were looking to do. So instead of putting yourself  down about how you ended the semester learn that there is always a next time. A next time to be able to never make the same mistakes that you made the previous semester. Being able to know how to prepare for a whole semester in syllabus week, and write down everything you wanted to do different. Even if you aced the semester, no one is perfect and you could of always done something different to make a little more success in your accomplishments.

Testing and grades don’t determine the type of person you are; it’s the hard work, the dedication, and the acceptance of your mistakes that reflect on you as a whole. Failing is a success, because it would of taken you a damn effort to fail a whole class rather than succeed. The type of way you study, the effort you want to make to succeed, and the dedication you put into a semester is what adds up to you being able to earn that piece of paper at the end that makes you feel no longer stressed, empty, and all of those finals worth it. So I hope you either get something out of this and it helps you finish off your ending of the semester, or it was a damn good post to distract you from the studying and give you a break.